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About our Loans

A national solution for your business financing requirements for acquisition, expansion, start-ups, and turn arounds.  Our flexible programs allow both debt financing including traditional business loans and equity investments through using Venture Capital and Joint Venture sources. (Short and Long Term)

Loan Amount:
  • Up to $3,000,000 SBA

  • Up to $20,000,000 Non SBA

Loan Purposes:

  • Acquire, construct, or renovate commercial real estate
  • Acquire machinery and equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Refinance existing business debt
  • Acquire an existing business or finance a business start-up.


  • Commercial real estate, where available, other business assets, personal assets.

Types of Businesses Financed:

  • Privately held, for profit businesses, non profits, under non SBA programs.


  • Up to 25 years, fully amortizing with no balloon payments under SBA, various terms available under non SBA programs.

Borrowing Costs:

  • Terms may be fixed or variable.  Interest rates are usually keyed to the prime rate of interest plus a premium.


  • Fully recourse under SBA, may vary under non SBA programs.

We offer a variety of loan programs. Click here for Business Loan Programs.